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Things have changed. No longer can anyone put up a website and expect success without a well planned and executed marketing strategy. This includes target market research, social media activity, analytics, revising of copy, uploading of blog / news content, and the use of lead capture forms and free giveaways.

Red Planet Design offers Website Design, Graphic Design, Copywriting, and Content Marketing implementation. We service  Redcliffe, Brisbane, and eastern Australian clients.

Over five years our reputation has grown, because we deliver response-oriented Marketing Solutions at a reasonable cost. SEO, good copy (content) and web design all work together to make an effective website that also ranks well.

Your website and marketing material is crucial to business success. Are you wanting to get a fast and reliable website? A website which pre-sells and provides leads, delivers ‘wow’ branding and a consistent voice… but you don’t know how? That’s where we excel. While others put up a site, take your cheque and forget you, we’re around to help you make your website a SUCCESS!

Quicker and smarter than novice designers, more budget-friendly than agencies, our little studio is priced right to service your small business.

Our solutions are tailored to what your business needs – even if you’re a bit unsure what that is exactly! First we talk to you to get a briefing, and then we create a detailed proposal with a design and/or marketing solution based on your goals.

Take your business to the next level

Just give us a call and we'll discuss your requirements, whatever they may be: Website Design, Business Branding, Online Marketing, etc. Or maybe you have some initial questions to ask our designer...


An Affordable Price with a focus on Small Business and Non-Profits

We focus on assisting small, growing businesses or non-profits who usually do not have a large budget. Our Website Design with branding packages start from $2,750, and it includes helping you get started with navigating your new site’s posts and pages. Non-profits are no longer restricted, with building of a flexible, easy access website from $1,750.

Whether you want to sell products online or simply have an attractive, functional site with a prominent contact form, we can help you with value-conscious solutions.


Clean & Modern Designs, customised to your Branding

Here at the Red Planet Design Studio, we really believe less is more. We do not design & build cluttered and confusing websites. Three colours? We don’t want to give you a “multi-coloured rainbow” for a website. And because we have a modern-look Graphic Design offering, we can confidently integrate your Branding across all solutions.


Close Consultation throughout the Design Process

We pride ourselves on our client services. We take you through the design process step by step, and we make sure that we are leading you in the right direction for a successful outcome.

We can recommend what works within lead generation for every business online, such as regular call to actions.

Many have problems knowing what to write, so one option is to get a copy writing consultation on your initial content. Then you’ll know if it has the right angle, where the missing components are, and what hooks you can use to get people to call up or fill in the form. 


Easy-to-use and Globally Supported CMS Web Framework

Our Content Managed System is globally recognised as a leading technology solution. With integration into all social media, marketing products and app plugins, we know the best add-ons to get the most out of it. If you’re worried about ease of use, it’s quite simple to update descriptions, write new articles, and integrate an email capture form. We provide an hour’s training on it as well.

By the way, we don’t expect you to format your own content. We do the initial formatting for you, and can explain how to always keep it looking nice and consistent.

Easy Change Website Design

Proven Results

Here is what some of our customers have to say about our work.
Celine O’Reilly, O’Reilly Cleaning Services, Brisbane. “We really believe that he couldn’t have done a better job. We would have no hesitation in recommending Gino to anyone looking to design a professional website. Thanks Gino for all your help….”

Ian Clark, Teams at Work, Brisbane. “I needed a competent local web site designer to handle the redevelopment of my very old and tired website. I found Gino’s company Red Planet Design via Google easily (e.g. ‘website design redcliffe’). One design criteria very important to me was the visibility of my site on the web. I figured that if I could find him easily then he had a good grip on the importance of SEO…”

Aveline Clark, Infusionoz. “I’ve had fantastic feedback on the website, from very different people. Which is good feedback to get as I know they’re not just my friends being nice, and the site is really good…”

Jess Taylor, Aussie Concrete, Brisbane. “I would just like to thank both Gino and Jennifer for all your hard work and fantastic service. You involved us in every single step to ensure we were getting exactly what we wanted, and exceeded our expectations. We are extremely happy with the final product and we would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional website design…”

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