Graphic Design encompasses designing logos, business stationery, brochures, flyers, posters, catalogues, and so on. Red Planet Design (Brisbane) understands that promotional materials must have certain elements to be effective as a sales tool.

What’s important in Graphic Design?

Being well-versed in the modern design ethos, Red Planet Design can bring a fresh look to your Logo and branding, better capturing your organisation’s real essence.

We work within rules of page balance, colour, consistency, and style. We understand that colours have different weights, and a viewer’s overall perception of the company results from the use of colour, typeface, words, and imagery.

Once copywriting or editing of the content has been professionally done, your Designer creates the artwork, keeping in mind what the printed piece must deliver. Naturally we strive for a clean, modern look that is attractive to the eye and easy to read.

Our Graphic Design Process:

The Designer will talk to the client and take a brief on what will be in the marketing material and its purpose. After we know your needs and have clarified the cost with you, our graphic designer will work on different layouts to suit your branding and the material theme.

Graphic Design in Brisbane is not that different to anywhere else. The main thing is to ensure your designer and your copywriter work to communicate your main messages in a succinct, clear and vibrant way. At Red Planet Design, both copywriter and graphic designer work together regularly on client projects.

The Copywriter will ask you questions about your target market, selling points and benefits. Both professionals work hard to get the right attraction and response indicators, so that your brochure or catalogue will be a valuable sales tool.

  • Attention (first you must get the attention of a prospect)
  • Interest (then you incite interest in your solution)
  • Desire (then create desire in the person to get that solution above all others – its based on emotion)
  • Action (ask for their contact or to order in a limited time-frame)

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