What is SEO: Search Engine Optimisation?

Think of search engine optimisation as building your shop front with clear signage. Perhaps when starting out you went to the cheapest web designer, but they didn’t care to put in the right keywords, browser titles, text links, and Site map. So your site could not be found for your industry’s keywords + location in Google or other search engines.

Don’t worry, all our websites are set up to be Search-Engine friendly, with all the basics:  indexable pages, search friendly titles, descriptions, and headings, alt tags on images, text-based hyperlinks. Of course, this just the start!


Help! I Need Good Google Rankings

If you’re in a competitive market and will need to do a fair amount of work to rank well, then we’ll help with advice or an SEO package that is based on the latest methods, i.e. on page optimisation, authorship and content marketing. We suggest new articles are added to your site regularly and provide All-in-one SEO Packages to suit most budgets.

Don’t confuse SEO with Search Engine Marketing, e.g. Google Adwords.  While you can PAY to get a #1 ranking on Google by buying pay-per-click ads, it’s temporary – if you find the bid prices go up and you can’t afford it anymore, past advertising has not helped your website’s natural placement at all. Yes, a lot of small businesses spend much money on Adwords and undirected link building, and we feel the money would be better spent on a great content & social strategy. (The Landscapers that took our advice did very well in a competitive market).

What is a Content Strategy?

Over time, you add to your website’s helpful content, share on social media, encourage some link-backs from industry blogs, and send all prospects interesting blog articles by email. Combine this with some targeted off-site work (including social sharing), and those visitor results you need will arrive around three to six months later.

Before your Website launch, we can help you with On-Page Optimisation. Our experienced web copywriter will consult with you, then write or re-write your main pages. She will also teach you what to do when creating new web posts or pages in future. Please ask for a quote for website copywriting and compelling content – we take pains to provide a quality service for under $1,000.

Making your website ‘search engine ready’ involves:

  • Consulting about your industry, analysing the competition, doing keyword searches, and finding the best keywords.
  • Writing web pages and headings with the best keyword phrases in mind, but also geared for your target market.
  • Optimising Titles: they appear in bold in searches, are a factor for relevance in Google keyword ranking, and titles will also be the bookmark for returning visitors.
  • Set up of easily seen social profile icons and social sharing buttons.
  • We tread carefully when exchanging or receiving links and NEVER buy Links from link farms or directories, to protect your online page score and website reputation.

Your new site will contain a blog, so it’s just a matter of using it properly and regularly. You can also hire a ghostwriter to write posts (articles) for you. See our Article Writing packages.

The last thing to do is… wait. Many of your competitors could have been using their domain for a few years. Google likes website domains that have been around a long time, slowing building up both content and links.

Don’t miss out on free website traffic by going to link-building amateurs and non-writers. Use a professional team and have the best chance at marketing attraction success. Your monthly budget is agreed upon and it stays the same every month. We also leverage your money by only using the best industry ‘white hat SEO’ practices.

Request an SEO Content Strategy Proposal now… for the benefit of your website.

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