Attract, Curate, Convert… with a Content Marketing Package for SEO

Social interaction and Search Engine Optimisation go hand-in-hand. You want to get your business up the search rankings, but simple link building doesn’t cut it anymore. Google search is now more in tune with what a popular website should be, with social commenting a part of that.

Our methodology starts with good research. So, first we run keyword research on your topic, including competition analysis and selection of key phrases. This is because the competition might be too high for certain phrases, but for geographic or long-tail phrases, the competition could be few. We use a SEO tool to help keep on track. Then a social media plan needs to be implemented.

If you want to build awareness among folks in Australia with good incomes, social media is far better than newspapers. Business owners read the info found within circles on Google+, LinkedIn and more, so ensuring that your messages and website blog is “visible” is crucial.

Writing guest articles at highly reputed sites are part of this plan, where a backlink and a nice relevant page can be made on your business topic.

On-Page Optimisation

  • We fix poorly optimised or over-optimised pages. Optimising is not keyword repetition. Sure, optimisation is selecting and targeting a keyword / phrase, yet ensuring this phrase appears in the right places, with a textual link, is far more important than annoying repetition.
  • Content curation (recommending stuff of interest) is used to build your high regard among followers and friends.
  • An active blog is used to attract interest from LinkedIn, Google+ community, searches in Google, and other places around the web.
  • Get away from Pay-Per-Click, save money on marketing, and come to love the social sharing world we live in (even if you don’t lift a finger to do it yourself!).

All-in-one Social SEO Package for Small Business:

Only $550 per month for three months


  • Consistent branding across social and personable blog
  • Let’s make company articles good quality, relevant, and socially shareable.
  • Google+ Local optimisation is also included, as many local visitors seek your services this way.

What we do..

  • Fix any website indexing issues
  • Key phrase and competition level analysis
  • Article submissions (2) to reputable Australian blogs/zines
  • Online reputation search and report (reviews)
  • Meta tag authoring with credible content
  • Existing web pages optimised for keywords (limits apply)
  • One blog post written – first month
  • Google map, with office image, set up
  • Google+ Page, including image
  • LinkedIn company page set up
  • Set up of Analytics goals and monthly reporting
  • … and many more activities

Content Writing included

  • One new web page per month written
  • Social media content sharing on all social channels, and
  • Two blog posts per month written, uploaded, formatted with image.

Article Writing & Social Package

Building an online presence: only $320 per month

Why Blog?

  • Blog writing is often forgotten after a couple of posts. It’s also easy to get the angle wrong, making it too sales oriented.
  • A blog can help promote your business credibility, and so leads to prospect interest… if it is written well.
  • Our expert blog writer helps pick a strategy for your audience and write optimised content. We share it to your social profiles or email the articles direct to your subscriber list.

What we do..

  • Your content shared on all your social channels
  • Write two optimised blog posts per month, uploaded and formatted with bought image (if practical)
  • Google+ shares to your page and Facebook community
  • LinkedIn group commenting
  • Instant send of New Prospects
  • Monthly report on channel traffic and goal conversions


  • Increased visibility online for your website in more searches
  • Credibility of building a reputable, sharing personal brand
  • Knowing how and where your visitors come from, and if they buy.

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