Red Planet Design builds websites that are lead generation tools

These help pre-sell your services or sell your products.

We know that everyone is different, but we don’t charge you for hours of customised design and expensive coding if you don’t need it. On the other side, we don’t charge a significant amount and then expect you to do all the banner customising, compressing pictures, and using FTP.

Our niche website design packages offer small businesses and non-profits of all descriptions an affordable route to a SOCIAL MEDIA ready, EDITABLE website, without worrying about all that design and back-end stuff. All you need to focus on is which functions it needs and which design appeals, and we will tailor-make a header, site colours and icons for your branding.

We listen… so that we get the right KIND of website for you, the right CONTENT, and the right search components for you. Our range of niche CMS websites takes the grunt work out of building a website, allowing us to pass on valuable savings while still getting a fantastic result.

Here are some other reasons why businesses and non-profits choose us:

Simple answers for simple questions..easy

Our design and development can take as little as 21 days, including initial copy. (Your friend of a friend may take 3 months).
We are based in Brisbane and we are able to meet on a regular face to face basis. We keep in touch throughout your project.
Our websites are super easy to edit. You can add and edit images, and make it search engine friendly just by filling out two boxes correctly.
Can you hear the ca-ching? That is what you will hear once you’ve employed our highly experienced copywriter on your website. At the bare minimum, we advise to have at least your home page optimised and well-written. It sure saves a lot of time, effort and money in the long run (chasing Google results and being frustrated with conversions, etc).
A business website requires a continuous effort to be a good lead generator. So we help busy business people with SEO/link building, blog writing, Google Places, writing reports and optin forms, writing e-newsletters, and ensuring brand consistency. Don’t leave your success to chance!.

Take you business to the Next Level

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