Why use Red Planet Design for your Restaurant Website?

First of all, an attractive website for your restaurant or cafe speaks of your professionalism and dedication to service. A Red Planet Design built website infuses the look and feel of your restaurant and brand, is user-friendly, and the enticing content makes customers feel welcome.

All our web designs for restaurants are built to be search engine friendly. Every week you may easily change/add more text, photos and offers. More content means more chances of it being found when a customer searches for restaurants or cafes in your area.

A professional cafe or restaurant website design can reduce advertising costs. Unlike regular print, radio and newspaper media, you get a lot of results for a reasonable, one-off outlay.

If you seek a fairly priced, professional web design company to create a strong online identity for your restaurant, bar or cafe, then your search is over. You can finally achieve a website that reflects the look and the heart & soul of your establishment – without breaking the bank.

A Smart Website Tailored to your Dining Out Business

Your customers are your business – so it is imperative that the web design for your restaurant or cafe sets the right tone and portrays the culture and atmosphere of the establishment. While creating a supreme dining experience is your business, creating a striking website – with key marketing elements – is our business.

Running a restaurant or cafe is challenging and busy. To promote your business, you need constant and varied advertising to attract more customers. Since many people are checking restaurants out online BEFORE they book, you can achieve great results in prospective diner attraction. But only if you have a dynamic, well-branded and easy to use website… designed for your restaurant. (You can also redirect Facebook likers to it).

So Red Planet Design has a really affordable and attractive website package for you. Over five years we’ve become expert at designing well-branded websites that give results. We wanted a way to help restaurant owners achieve a professional, creative, and market-savvy result – at around half the cost of a full custom, from scratch website design.

Key Website Features

  • Unique look – We customise your logo/header so that it is consistent with the look of your café/restaurant’s branding.
  • Your own Photo Gallery – to give potential customers a glimpse of what their dining experience could be like.
  • Menus – Website provides easy access for prospective diners to full menus, with descriptions and prices.
  • Easy Content Management System – allows you to update your menu and prices whenever you want. We can also help.
  • Member registrations – provide a hands-off way to run an online marketing campaign and build your own database.
  • Reservations and Enquiry Form – allows enquiries without bothering your staff.
  • Featured Events on Home Page – to promote what’s current, such as upcoming events or exclusive promotions.
  • Extend your market reach. A good mobile-optimised website for your restaurant will give hundreds of people – people looking to eat that day or soon – immediate access to your menu and your facilities who may not have known of your existence.


A Restaurant/Cafe Website Design Package – Key Benefits

  • Professional web design, teamed with growing search-engine-friendly content, will enable the venue to attract an increasing number of visitors, thus reducing their need for mass media advertising.
  • A website provides restaurants and cafes the ideal way to provide potential customers with background information on your chefs, and build credibility with awards, excellent reviews, prize winning specialties, etc.
  • Use the website’s automated registration system to promote special offers, send a newsletter, or run a loyalty program for existing customers.
  • Our team works with restaurant owners, bar owners and cafe owners to create the perfect online identity that reflects the high quality of your brand. Give your customers a visually pleasing and enticing introduction to your restaurant, bar or cafe… before they even walk in the door.
Restaurants and Cafes Websites

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