Why Use Red Planet Design for your Small Business Website?

First of all, an attractive website and well-written content speaks of your professionalism. We offer small business website design that infuses the look and feel of your business and brand, is user-friendly, and makes customers feel welcome.

Secondly, our web designs for small business are built to be search engine friendly. More content means more chances of it being found when a prospective customer searches for your particular services.

A Small Business Website Design Tailored to your Business

We listen to what you need in a website and what goals you want to achieve.

Running a small business is challenging and busy, and that’s why a fully functional website is for you. Many prospective customers do a search online to assess which business to use. So if you have a dynamic, helpful, and easy to use website, with the right words, it attracts these people to your business, and not your competitors.

Normally, unique custom websites and online stores run into the $5,000-$12,000 range. Yet over the past three years we have helped business owners achieve a professional, adaptable, and market-savvy result – at half to two thirds of the cost of a full custom website design. Not only that, with a little help from our copy editor, we achieved the owner’s key business goals for their website.

Key Features for Small Business Websites

As a small business, your website is not built just to look great (although it will), it is there to drive leads and revenue into your business. So let’s discuss how it will achieve this outcome. A professional website, designed well, can reduce advertising costs. Unlike regular print media, large directory listings or radio, you get a lot of client attraction results, and it will pay itself back over the first year, if not before.

Red Planet Design will create a strong online identity for your small business. Now you can finally get a website that reflects the look and branding of your business – without breaking the bank.

  • Header or Banner slide shows: A great way to feature your products/promotions. With moving transitions, this function adds a modern eye-catching element to any website.
  • Modify Text and Images: Built-in text editor, with a HTML checker. The Media Manager lets you quickly add and re-size photos, videos, or images.
  • Complete multimedia support: Photos, Videos, Music, YouTube video, Flash video, PDF Files, External Page links, all can be included onto your website.
  • Blog: News & Article Publishing: Publish web content immediately or on a scheduled basis. Sidebar streaming to have recent information snippets automatically shown on other pages of your website (e.g. recent posts).
  • Files and Links: Add files for download: PDFs, Office Documents, or downloadable images. Create lists of links. Link to other pages in your site, other websites, or external media streams or podcasts.
  • Browser compatibility: All websites are designed for the latest browser experience, including IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Tablets and Mobile Phones. Also available are responsive layouts which create a seamless viewing across all web viewer applications.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools: Every page and blog post has a unique keyword-rich URL (e.g. ./roof-plumbing-services.html) – recommended by SEO professionals. Site Map is automatically generated. Meta Tags: Set titles, descriptions and keyword tags for each page.
  • Website Traffic Stats: Track who’s visiting your site and where they are coming from. Free setup of advanced reporting with Google Analytics. Optimising your Google Places account – a great way for people to find you locally.
  • Social Media: Integration of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts on-site as needed (not including custom backgrounds). Social sharing is very important for search rankings in these times. Automation of all new posts straight to these social network accounts through one portal.
  • YouTube or Vimeo videos: Having video on your site is a great marketing tool. Feature any online video on a specific page or all site pages, along with explanatory text. Vimeo is great for that clean look video, used for presentations or tutorials.

Additional Options available:

  • Our in-house copywriter can assist you by either writing your content or editing what you already have, to ensure you present your best. Importantly, your content will be written in a search-engine-friendly manner so as to achieve more search engine results.
  • Website Customisation, Additional options. The list here is endless really… modern web technologies allow us to do amazing things, so if you have an idea for your website, just tell us and we’ll tell you what we can deliver… simple.